PostBot Privacy Policy


The present privacy policy describes the personal data that we collect, the reasons for and the means of collecting, the ways in which we use the data, and under which circumstances we will share it with third parties.


2.1 Collection of Personal Data

We collect personal data about you such as your family names, first names, email address, limited to what you have agreed to tell the Site in order particularly to calculate best time to post.

In cases where the entry of certain personal data is absolutely required for us to carry out a Service, we will indicate that.

2.2 Use of Your Personal Data

We use your personal data with the following goals in mind:

- to allow you to benefit from the Service offered by PostBot;
- to improve the quality of the Site, of the Services, and of the functionality of the PostBot App;
- to provide you personalized service;
- to manage the Site internally;
- to understand our visitors better in order to help satisfy them;
- to let us identify you in order to contact you;
- with your consent, if it is required by law, to contact you by email/SMS/post with information about our Services and/or contests.

If you no longer wish to receive commercial marketing information from us, you can at any time let us know by contacting support.

2.3 Sharing of Personal Data

PostBot may share your personal data: (i) with affiliated companies or subsidiaries of PostBot in order for them to use it for the same reasons as indicated above, and/or with third parties, on condition that you have expressedly consented to these sharing arrangements; (ii) with service providers acting on its behalf; (iii) with a third party in order to comply with a legal obligation; or (iv) in the event of a transfer of ownership or merger if you have expressedly consented to the transfer or merger.

2.4 Duration of the Personal Data Retention Period

We undertake to retain your personal data longer than the length of time necessary to manage the commercial relationship.

In the event that your account becomes inactive, the personal data associated with your account will not be removed unless you make a request by contacting support.

3. Links

On the Site you will find various links that direct you to third party sites. PostBot cannot be held responsible for links posted by the Users, nor for the privacy policies of these third parties. The General Terms and Conditions of the PostBot Site, and in particular the privacy policy, do not govern third party sites or content of third parties accessed by Site Users.

4. Use of cookies

4.1 Placing of Cookies

We can deposit information about how your computer navigates our site onto your computer, by storing data files on it. These files are called “Cookies.”

4.2 Use of Cookies

We do not use cookies.


PostBot maintains the confidentiality of your personal data. PostBot uses technology, which is secure to industry standard to protect the content and the privacy of Users. However we do not gurentee that we can protect personal data from every possible attack by intruders.


PostBot may modify or amend this privacy policy. All changes or amendments will come into force from the date of posting on the PostBot Site. Your continuing usage of the Site after the publication by PostBot of an updated version of the Privacy Policy implies that you consent to the Privacy Policy, as modified. Consequently, it is important that you regularly read this Privacy Policy to make sure that you are fully aware of all the changes that may have been applied to it.


Users may also modify or delete their personal data by sending an email by using the contact support function in the PostBot app.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or questions about the use of the Site, please contact us by email at the following address: solabots@gmail.com.